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Digitally Preserved Photographs

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Preservation, Restoration, Duplication

Over the last century many of the important moments in our lives were captured as photographs or slides. Over time the images fade, slide projectors and screens have all but disappeared. Digital capture of your photos and slides gives you a great way to not only preserve those special times in your life and those of your loved ones, but a great way to share them again as well. You can relive those slide shows of yesteryear and transfer those albums of photos to something your family can pass down for years to come.

Film Transfer

8mm, Super 8 & 16mm Movie Film to DVD and/or Blu-ray

Unlike photographs in an album, you can't just take out an old roll of movie film and look at all the memories. If you're like most people your movie projector is long gone or never got handed down to you when you "inherited" all the old home movies.
Well we can help with all that. We have the expertise and technology to not only transfer your films to DVD or Blu-ray but the heart to treat them like they were our own films. See why so many people trust VTI for their
film transfers. We can even make a movie of your films which you can play and edit on your computer.

Video Transfer

VHS & VHS-C, BetaMax, MiniDV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, Umatic 3/4", BetaCamSP to DVD and Blu-ray

Video tape has gone the way of the dodo. It is getting harder and harder to find machines to play your tapes and when you do you hope that machine won't eat your tape. Let us save your Christmas from 1991, your vacation with the family in 1997 or your grandson's first pee wee football game in 2005 to DVD. Find out why it's best NOT to wait, let VTI transfer your video tapes TODAY.


Audio Preservation

Records, Reel to Reel Audio Tapes, 8-Track Tapes, Audio Cassettes

Ever since Edison figured out how to record the spoken word we have been a world of listeners. From the soldier sending a record home to a worried family, to baby's first words sent by tape to grandma and grandpa, to our first garageband ready to challenge The Beatles, to that mix tape made for that special someone... we listen. We maintain the machines that play all of that sound back and capture it in a digital format so you can play it on today's modern devices.

Memory Cards and Digital Chips Transfers

Today's Digital Camera Record to Memory Cards & Chips

The salesman told you, "It's the latest thing and so easy to use." And it probably is but for some reason every time you try to make a disc of the latest birthday party or cruise you end up with a disc that either just stares back at you or worse yet, says something like "incompatible media" or "disc corrupt". At VTI we've seen most of the errors and we know the right answers. Let us take the burden of transferring your digital media to a playable disc off your back and put it on your disc.


CD, DVD & Blu-ray Duplication

From a "couple of copies for friends" to 1000s of discs for your clients & customers

We use Professional Quality Blu-ray, DVD and CD discs to store your precious memories. Custom labels can be printed right on the surface of each disc. We can quickly duplicate discs of your wedding or thousands of discs for your company's marketing presentation.





Video Techniques, Inc. specializes in preserving memories.
Whether it is films your Grandfather took in the 1930s,
Slides your Dad took in the 1960s,
Video Tape you shot in the 1980s,
or Digital Photos & Movies your kids are taking today,
Video Techniques, Inc. can transfer your precious events to
digital media that you can share for years to come.

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