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VTI technicians know video tape. Since 1979 VTI has been working with the latest video tape formats and maintains many of those same style of machines to this day. VTI can transfer video from NTSC VHS, Video8, Hi8, Digital8 and MiniDV.

For an additional fee we can also transfer from BetaMax, ¾” U-matic and Professional BetaCam & BetaCam SP. We can also convert foreign made PAL VHS and PAL Video8 to NTSC (standard American) DVD.

We will transfer a video videotape of up to 2 hours in duration to DVD. As a concern for the quality of your material we won't use the lower bit rate settings to "stretch" your material on to a DVD. Quality is key. If your video tape is longer than two hours we'll be happy to continue the material onto a second disc.

But why worry about transferring this material now? Well, beyond the obvious, you may not have a working Video Cassette Player, there are issue that video tapes face.

1. The Magnetic particles on video tape that actually "store" your recorded material gradually lose their charge. It's called "Remanence Decay". When this happens, you'll notice a color shift toward weaker hues and loss of detail overall.


2. Magnetic particles may be accidentally demagnetized. Storing your tapes near another strong magnetic source like an audio loudspeaker or an electric motor can cause the tape to become partially demagnetized. For the most part destroying the recorded signal.


3. The tape can become stretched from multiple re-windings and playback. This causes tracking errors that can dramatically reduce playback quality.


4. And there's always the danger from what we call, "The Hungry Player". That's a tape player that is either not well maintained or has just come to the end of its useful existence and decides to make your tape its "Last Meal". Usually, if a tape has been "eaten" it is difficult to make it playback as pristine as it did before. If the Hungry Player has cut your tape, in most cases we can splice the tape back together and make a DVD copy with some loss in content.

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