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A lot of what we do is custom work, done by hand and by eye. So often films, slides and negatives have been stored in places that are not conducive to their preservation.  By dealing with each job as a custom experience we can bring out the best of each and every image.


Digital cameras make it easy to shoot hours and hours of video without worrying about changing tape, losing the tape you shot or having to buy another tape for every 30 to 60 minutes of shoot time. But eventually the camera memory or the chip becomes full and then what to you do?  We can transfer your digital recordings to disc for backup storage or turn them into movies & slide shows that you can easily share on disc


We  recommend storage on either DVD, Blu-ray or CD depending on the content  and the medium. We can also provide your material in a variety of digital formats to meet whatever custom needs you might have.


Years ago before tape, people would record their messages to one another on an actual record disc. Not many survive but the ones that have bring precious memories with them.  Did you have one of those reel to reel tape or audio cassette decks and record the kids talking, singing and playing? They're a real hoot to listen to today.


Once we have your material on disc we can duplicate those discs for you in whatever quantity you might need and do it quickly. Do you want to share your movies with a couple of family members or do you want copies for the entire congregation?


The perfect lighting conditions don't always coincide with that precious moment you captured on film. Modern technology gives us tools to find those images lost in the darkness, regain the color that was once there and even stabilize an otherwise jerky image.

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