Preserving Your Memories

Your films and tapes represent a moment in time that was captured.
A moment in time that we can relive over and over and share with
family & friends who were there or who weren’t even born yet.

Why Transfer?

Your images are precious, but just like memories fade or can be forgotten; so too these films & tapes disintegrate and can be lost to time. Sometimes, digital preservation can be a challenge. This depends largely on how your media was stored. Films can fade or worse yet they can crack and shrink.

Commonly with video or audio tapes an old machine can snap the tape or mold will find a home in the cassette. These Challenges are all things we commonly encounter. If your film or tape is in pretty bad shape let our technicians check it out. We may be able to help.
Our goal is to preserve your films & tapes by transferring them to a digital format with the latest technology available today.

Faded Photos & Film can be touched up by our digital colorist. We don’t like to brag but it is a challenge we gladly accept to bring your images back to their original glory.

Video tape (unlike film) was never really meant to be cut and spliced but we can put your broken tape back together and then copy that tape to DVD.

Share the joy you once had creating these memories with your friends and family, let us preserve your films and tapes before its too late.

The Art of Transferring
8mm Film

Year's ago people would point their projector at a bed sheet and record their films with a VHS camcorder. The images that played back on their TVs would flicker, often be at the wrong speed and usually were crooked.
The film scanners we use today allow us to capture each frame of the film individually in High Definition. Thus giving us not only the ability to create a Hi-Def Blu-ray of your film, but actually capture every last grain of each frame, color correct and image enhance your film and in some cases bring out details that were too dark to even see.

But before the film ever touches the scanner we carefully inspect it. Film can become brittle when poorly stored. Splices that  ran through your projector 40 years ago peel away. Sprocket holes that once guided your film may have been torn by a misaligned film path. We clean and lubricate each film and check for bad splices and torn film to be able to make the most pristine copy of your celluloid memories as possible.

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