Film Transfer

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Video Techniques is All About Preserving Your "Yesterdays" for "Tomorrow".

We transfer 8mm, Super 8 & 16mm movie film using the latest film scanning technology and techniques available in the industry today, allowing us to offer DVD or Blu-ray masters.

Each reel of your film is inspected by hand, cleaned and lubricated so that it can be captured with the best possible quality while maintaining the integrity of your original movie film.

We put up to 2 hours of your movie films onto High Definition Blu-ray or Standard Definition DVD.

Depending on your needs and authoring package you select, an expert colorist is available to touch up your films that may have lost some of their color over the years or were under exposed to start with.

We can even make a movie of your films which you can play and edit on your own computer.

High Definition Film Transfer



High Definition film transfers take advantage of the latest technology to bring your decades old films back to life on your High Definition (HD) TV and Blu-ray player.

By capturing your film in HD we take advantage of a greater pixel ratio per screen inch giving you a far better picture than any standard definition DVD could ever produce.



Nothing is worse than finding out that your memory is slipping away but that is just what's happening with your 8mm films. Time is not kind to film and over the years the images fade, the color loses its snap or more commonly the images turn a yucky green or red.

Its not too late! In many cases we can digitally enhance your film to return it to near new status and in some cases we can make it look better than it did in the first place with a little fancy color correction.

Faded Color Restored

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