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Reel to Reel tape and audio cassettes have been a great way to capture someone's voice or a musical performance or a speech or lecture for more than a half century. Even before that people could sit in a booth and for as little as a dime make a record to share with family and friends. Some people used these recordings to send message home or to loved ones in faraway battle grounds.

Actual Paper Record Circa 1943

These recordings are a part of history. How wonderful it is to hear mom's voice again or to hear the kids reciting the ABCs for the first time.
We bring those sounds back to life again on Audio CD. We can also turn this audio into mp3 files on a data disc that you can load to your iPod or favorite mp3 device.

An Audio CD is limited to 79 minutes in length.  Audio CDs  play in most home stereo systems, computers, car stereo systems and even some DVD/Blu-ray players. Audio CDs are known for their ability to reproduce great audio quality.


An mp3 audio file is a good format and is now commonly used by a number of online distribution sources for music and various recordings. While mp3 doesn't really have the file size limitations of audio CD it is known as a "lossy" format and doesn't reproduce audio quite as good as an audio CD.  Before ordering an mp3 audio file make sure you have equipment to play it back.

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