CD/DVD Duplication

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Video Techniques is All About Preserving Your "Yesterdays" for "Tomorrow".

We can duplicate CDs and DVDs from your master to as few or as many copies as you need. We use printable surface discs which can have just a few lines of text on it, print a photo from your collection or even your companies logo, it just depends upon your needs and budget.

Discounts apply for quantity duplication. Email us or call for details.

Sample Label Images

Full Color DVD Label depicting Jet Airliners and passengers agaiins a sky blue background.
Black and White Text can be applied to a DVD label for cost effective printing/labeling
Placing bold colors on a white background can give your label a real punch without the cost of inking the entire disc surface.
On a glossy watershield DVD just about nay design you can imagine will look great on your discs.
Our graphic artist can create just the right look for your dvd label to match the right occasion.
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